About Shalom Crypto Institution.

“Information – Knowledge – Transformation”

Let us guide you on your Cryptocurrency Journey

Shalom Cryptocurrency Institution is an reliable Online crypto education platform dedicated to newcomers and crypto enthusiasts. Founded in 2018 by Crypto Enthusiast Shalom Ratombo Based in Africa, South Africa. To Date Shalom Cryptocurrency Institution has provided detail crypto education to their students and expose them to opportunities in the crypto space in order to secure the future.

Shalom Cryptocurrency Institutions aims to provide valid, trustworthy crypto information readily available to their students..

The S.C.I Online Institution, We teach and provide our students with detail crypto insight. In the world of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency the S.C.I has given itself the responsibility to expose ordinary people to Cryptocurrencies without leaving anything out. The S.C.I is your one stop information institution in unlocking value from the future in an ever changing technology world.

S.C.I Founder, Shalom Ratombo (MrShaa) is a Crypto Enthusiast with more than five years experience in the crypto space and also He is a specialist in Networking and Building relationships. The History of money teach us a lot about money, But Cryptocurrencies are entirely a new system/technology and also they provide opportunity for the users of money to participate when it comes to influencing their value simply because they are decentralized. The S.C.I also aims to challenge people’s money mindset to participate in the fourth industrial revolution within a safe environment. Shalom Cryptocurrency Institution is 100% online institution, and is also divided into two, Beginners Classes and Advance Classes. S.C.I classes are conducted through Zoom App. Students have an opportunity to interact S.C.I Founder during those sessions. International and Local Crypto Leaders are invited always to come and share their crypto experiences with our students and also to motivate and encourage our students about cryptocurrencies and fourth industrial revolution as a whole. Students also receive lifetime mentorship from Mr. Shalom and also are assisted when it comes to building their crypto portfolios and are always advised on which coins to invest in.

Note: S.C.I is not an investment institution, with that been said we do not keep anyone funds. We also do not keep our students crypto accounts logins, Our students are 100% incharge of their crypto assets. we do not manage their accounts and also we do not trade cryptos on their behalf. And Finally we do not request any financial assistance from our students or anyone. BEWARE OF SCAMMERS!!!

What To Learn at S.C.I

  • Introduction to Bitcoin
  • Introduction to Blockchain
  • Introduction to Cryptocurrencies
  • Centralization and Decentralization
  • Bitcoin Transactions
  • Different Exchanges and Wallets
  • Cryptocurrency Security
  • Bitcoin Mining and Bitcoin Miners
  • How To Trade Cryptocurrencies
  • How to Create Crypto Portfolios

“Cryptocurrency mark the era to the end of money counterfeiting” By: Gun Gun Febrianza

Google takes your privacy, Governments take your rights, Banks take your money, Corporations take your Jobs, Bitcoin and other Blockchain powered solutions gives it all back” By: Olawale Daniel

Zig Ziglar: “If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.”

To Join our classes contact on the Following Details:

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