Bitfinex launches new exchange for trading tokenized equities and bonds

Crypto exchange Bitfinex is entering into the world of traditional finance with the launch of its new trading platform Bitfinex Securities. Bitfinex Securities will allow small and medium-sized companies to list their tokenized equities, bonds, or funds and raise capital. In turn, Bitfinex Securities’ customers will be able to invest in and trade tokenized securities. […]

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Standard Chartered is more bullish on ether than bitcoin — with a $35,000 price prediction

British banking giant Standard Chartered released its first reports on crypto on Tuesday, highlighting a bullish view on both bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH), but a more optimistic stance on the latter. Ethereum is more like a “financial market” in which transactions like lending, insurance, and exchanges can operate, according to Standard Chartered’s global research team led by Geoffrey […]

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DeFi’s Growth Sparks Concerns From Regulators: Elizabeth Warren Calls Crypto “The New Shadow Bank”

Senator Elizabeth Warren has called crypto “the new shadow bank” in an interview with The New York Times. The interview was part of a broader article by the New York Times that discussed how Defi is disrupting the banking industry. Warren has shared her views on cryptocurrency on numerous occasions, penning a letter to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen in […]

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1 Billion People to Crypto Market? & Huge APR/APY how?

The cryptocurrency market has opened up exciting opportunities for a wide range of users, including investors, traders, gamers and eSports enthusiasts. In a bid to give gamers and lottery-lovers more opportunities, the team at Bull Run Finance is pleased to announce the launching of its Decentralized Finance Including Staking & Farming with Ultimate Futures of […]

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